About Me

It all started back in the day... you know, the days of yore, or something like that.  OK, so it was just back in high school, but yore sounds like a much more interesting back story.  

I LOVED my art classes.  My high school art classes led me to college art/graphic design classes.  Then.... I got married.  

Let me tell you about that.  I have zero.....ZERO good pictures from my wedding day. .

Then...I had babies.  Two, to be exact, before I got my act together and purchased a semi-decent camera...my first Canon.   I have LOADS of pictures of my third child.  (my first two kids are going to need counseling.)

The rest is history and the reason that I have this blog today.  Is regret a great reason?  Maybe not, but it put a fire under me.  I will evermore have great photos of my family, my kids, my family events and all of yours too!

My name is Kayleen Theobald.  I live in Mesa, Arizona.  I would love to be your photographer!