Newborn Tips

Newborn photos should be taken when the baby is 1-10 days old. When the he/she is older, it is harder to use the little accessories, baskets, etc. because the baby is much stronger, much more alert and less likely to relax into each pose.  It is best to contact me at the end of your pregnancy so I can schedule you within 2 weeks after you deliver.

I generally travel to your house. I bring my car all loaded up with goodies and we shoot away. This is usually much more relaxing and enjoyable for the mother and the baby as well as any visiting family members.

If you have any sentimental blankets, toys, etc. I would be glad to incorporated them into your shoot.

A newborn shoot can last anywhere from 1 to 3 hours. Sometimes these little ones are so stubborn. I am more than willing make myself comfy in your home and wait for them to fall asleep! Don't be stressed or worried if your baby is fussy. We will either wait it out, or for the extra stubborn ones...reschedule for a day or two down the road.

Sometimes your baby is born with extra dry skin or baby acne. We can work around these things. Baby lotion or oil right before the shoot generally makes the dryness less noticeable. I can Photoshop the baby acne for no extra charge.